Services Provided by Luriware (Pty) Ltd Consulting Agricultural Engineers

Farm Planning and Conceptualisation

Our farm planning unit will visit your piece of land to assess and discuss with you on your proposed agricultural practice. They will guide you through the processes involved towards the realisation of your dream.

Feasibility Studies and Business Planning

Our Feasibility and Agribusiness Team will assist you with the feasibility study to help determine whether your farming or value adding business is a viable option. Our feasibility study will be filled with calculations, analysis and estimated projections while our business plan is made up of mostly tactics and strategies to be implemented to grow the business at optimal level.

Preliminary Studies to Advise Designing

Our consultants will assist you with Topographical surveys, buried services detection, geotechnical investigations, Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A), Geohydrological investigations, water testing, soil testing and analysis, Existing infrastructure assessment, reconnaissance surveys.

Professional Design of Farm Buildings and Infrastructures

Our Team will assist in agricultural farm planning, design & development of controlled environment agriculture facilities, aquaponics facilities, hydroponics production facilities, agri-Hubs and AgriParks, Irrigation and drainage systems, mechanisation plans, farm storage facilities, packhouses, abattoirs, livestock housing, soil and water conservation systems biogas systems and general farm infrastructure. We also undertake research and development works for the development of better rural infrastructure. Our major experience is in farm planning, design, development of controlled agriculture farm infrastructure, biogas systems and general farm infrastructure. We also specialize in agricultural infrastructure projects implementation and development, technology transfer, controlled climate agriculture, precision livestock farming research and development. We are passionate about provision of engineering advisory support to farming communities through, development of plans, designs, equipment or infrastructure needed for the production and processing of agricultural products. Our experience covers preliminary site investigation, conceptual & detailed design, preparation of design drawings, producing estimates, bid documentation, evaluation of bids, appointment of the contractors and supervision of the construction of agricultural infrastructure projects, research and development of new technology in controlled environment agriculture and livestock facilities. We have vast knowledge of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and livestock infrastructure development, AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, GIS, GNSS and GPS RTK utilization skills. Some of the farming community project that we assist the farming community include: 1. Vertical Farming projects 2. Aquaponics projects 3. Hydroponics projects 4. Greenhouse tunnels projects 5. Controlled Environment Agriculture projects 6. Aeroponics projects 7. Housed Feedlots, hog houses, dairy systems, goats and sheep facilities 8. Biogas projects coupled to feedlots, dairy, hog houses and sweet sorghum fields.

Project/Program Management and Construction Supervision

Our team will assist in directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of your project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participating objectives. manager fall into these seven categories: In Project management planning our team will assist with 1. Cost management 2. Time management 3. Quality management 4. Contract administration 5. Safety management Our construction management team will manage the team working on the project, define each person’s role and responsibilities. Some clients would also appoint us as their Project Management Unit (PMU) to manage consultants and contractors assisting and providing services to them

Mentorship and Training

We are have a commitment and undertaking (C.U) with the engineering council of South Africa (CU2014014A). Our commitment is to create a conducive environment for the provision of training and mentorship of those thriving to be players in the Agricultural Engineering Field. Our Mentorship also extents to school going students to inspire them to consider Agriculture as a profession and a tool for sustainable livelihood.

Our Team Sectional Heads

Fortunate Mutenje

Fortunate Mutenje, Managing Director

Works as a major figurehead of LURIWARE (PTY) LTD Consulting Agricultural Engineers typically overseeing and managing all functions in the Company. Plans and implements departments strategies and also takes part in the company’s overall strategic decisions and ensures that her allotted department(s) are working in accordance with such goals. email:

Tendai Justin Mutenje, PrEng, Chief Engineer

Tendai Justin Mutenje is a Registered Professional Engineer (Pr. Eng.) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). He is a member of the South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). Chief Engineer, Project Manager and Director of Luriware (Pty) Ltd. Heads the Technical Team. email:


Allen Mkondwa, Head Farm Planning

Allen Heads the Farm Planning Team in Providing Specialist Agricultural input in the Design and Implementation of Agricultural Projects in a Dynamic Team of Agricultural Consultants. Has extensive experience in Farm planning, controlled environment agriculture, greenhouse infrastructures, general agricultural production and development. email:


Millicent Nyebera, Human Resources and Projects Office

Millicent heads our Human resources and project office. She manages the team to achieve their goals both at the office and on site. email:


Cleopaton Samvura, Head Technician and Transport Logistics Officer

Cleopaton heads our technician teams both at the office and on project sites. Cleopaton assists in construction supervision/ logistics works: email

Some of the Office and Engineering

Our team comprises of eningeers, technicians, farm planning specialists, site reps, admin, office hands and external consultants

About Us
Luriware (Pty) Ltd is an Agricultural Engineering Consultancy company. Our firm focuses on various aspects of Agricultural Engineering projects Infrastructure planning and  development namely:
1. Structures and Environments Engineering
2. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
3. Agricultural Processing and Post Harvesting Facilities
4. Structures to support Mechanization Planning and Engineering
5. Facilities to support Renewable Energy Engineering.
6. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering inclusive of Land Care Projects
7. Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A) for Infrastructure Projects Development
8. Geotechnical Investigations for Infrastructure Projects Development
Major Duties
1)Engineering Technical Support 
a)Performance of all aspects of Professional Engineering to complete planning, design, & construction of a wide variety of complex engineering practices. Designs, completes or directs the completion of design work, construction drawings, & specifications for engineering projects in accordance with the Agricultural Engineering Field Office Technical Guide, design handbooks & industry standards.
b)Provides guidance to field office and other engineering staff in conducting engineering surveys & conducting investigations to obtain basic data necessary for the planning, design, & construction of engineering projects. Reviews and approves design work, construction drawings, and specifications prepared by field office staff, local agencies and contractors in accordance with National Engineering Manual and Field Office Technical Guide
Because of our broad background as consulting agricultural engineers, Luriware (Pty) Ltd is a source of information on a wide variety of topics and can provide help with diverse technical problems. As design and management engineers, we can be invaluable to small businesses without their own engineering departments, to agricultural producers and similar enterprises, and to large businesses or governmental agencies that want to supplement their in-house engineering departments. We also can provide service to lending institutions, law firms, local units of government and planning boards, or to individuals that need expert witnesses or technical analysis.
Planning, Design and Consulting Services
Services typically provided by Luriware (Pty) Ltd involve preliminary investigations, feasibility studies, cost comparison of alternatives, design, bid letting, contract negotiation, and construction monitoring and inspection. Most often, our facility planning teams consist of engineers, who are familiar with, but impartial to, design and construction techniques, and the eventual operator, who is familiar with the particular needs and performance requirements of the operation. Once the planning team has been established, the our Chief Engineer leads the planning team through the design procedure
1.Structures and Environment
We have extensive knowledge in the analysis and design of construction projects and in the use of construction materials. We have technical knowledge in the design of light-framed steel structures, wood structures, concrete structures, and grain bins. We are specialists in grain aeration systems, indoor air quality in livestock facilities, farmstead layouts, animal flow, and manure management.
Livestock projects developers often retain Luriware (Pty) Ltd to develop farmstead layouts for animal production facilities, including siting buildings and manure storages, and developing manure management plans. National, state, and local governments seek advice from our consulting units when developing regulations that can affect livestock operations. We design facilities for commercial greenhouses. Luriware (Pty) Ltd is also retained to develop animal laboratories or specialized plant growth chambers. We also assist large and medium companies in the design of grain elevators, feed mills, and food processing plants.
2.Soil and Water Resources
Luriware (Pty) Ltd has expert Engineers in agricultural hydrology and hydraulic principles pertaining to drainage, erosion control, and irrigation. Most of our engineers are watershed management specialists who understand the interactions that occur between human and natural processes needed to manage watersheds. These engineers also work with crop water requirements, seek ways to control soil erosion, and study the environmental effects of sediment on water quality.
As consultants, our engineers design, and supervise the construction, operation, and maintenance of drainage and irrigation systems, water control structures for reservoirs, flood ways, and channels. We also monitor drainage and irrigation water quality, and they design equipment for applying fertilizers and pesticides through irrigation systems.
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s Aquaculture Unit seeks ways to improve pond and indoor fish rearing systems, reduce pollution from aquaculture discharges, and reduce excess water use.
We advise others on the harvesting, sorting, and processing of aquatic plants or animals and are often asked to work with today’s popular species such as bream, base, catfish, oysters, mussels, salmon, trout and carp. We are also are involved in working with ornamental and bait fish.
4.Food and Food Processing
At Luriware (Pty) Ltd, we combine design expertise with economical methods of large-scale manufacturing to meet industrial needs. Our engineers serve as experts in food pasteurization, sterilization, freezing, dehydration, packaging, transportation, and storage. We also develop designs of microbiological processes to produce fermented foods, fuels, biochemical and pharmaceuticals and to treat municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastes.
As consultants, agricultural engineers we work with National, Provincial, and local government agencies in addition to pharmaceutical and health-care firms. Many manufacturers utilize our agricultural engineers with food and process backgrounds to design food and drug processing equipment and layout processing plants.  As consultants, our engineers design food machinery instrumentation that controls the packaging of ingredients and food materials.
5.Power and Machinery
Our engineers design and test the tractors and tillage systems, the planters and sprayers, and the combines necessary for the production of traditional agricultural products such as corn, soybeans, and small grain. Our engineers also are responsible for developing the machines used in the culture, harvest, and handling of fruits and vegetables and forest and forestry products.
Our consultants often are retained by medium to large companies involved in the manufacturing of farm and industrial off-highway equipment. Companies in allied industries such as turf and landscape equipment manufacturing look to retain the services of our consultant.
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s engineers design systems to efficiently pump water, heat homes, and power agricultural equipment. We study and test energy options that help maintain modern conveniences while reducing costs and the adverse effects on the environment.  
Our Consulting agricultural engineers work to find uses for renewable energy sources such as plants, methane, vegetable oil, wind, and solar power. We often advise National, provincial and local departments working with potential air contaminants that result from producing or using energy, and they work on projects to minimize the waste products that cause air and water pollution.
7.Environmental Quality
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s Agricultural engineers and scientists are well trained and qualified to understand the biological and physical treatment of wastewater and other sources of pollution. With environmental quality having an ever-expanding role in society, our engineers are often called on to act as consultants to industry, government, regulatory agencies, and private citizens.
Our agricultural engineers help producers solve problems with livestock production systems that could have a negative impact on water and air quality. Many times our consultants assist government departments to develop guidelines to protect water and air quality. Our Consultants involved with environmental quality issues work with problems related to Environmental Impact Assessment and Geotechnical Investigations
8.Forestry and Conservation Systems
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s engineers apply physical, biological, and engineering sciences to solve problems related to the development of forest production systems. Tasks include designing and manufacturing equipment for forest access systems; studying machine/soil interaction and erosion control; and analysing and improving forest operations. Our engineers also are involved in decision modelling and in designing and manufacturing wood products.
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s engineer’s help companies develop detailed harvesting plans. Work includes finding solutions to complex operations in timber harvesting, site preparation, and road and bridge construction while conducting operations in an environmentally acceptable manner. Government Departments also seek advice from our forestry engineers on the management of forest lands.
9.Information and Electrical Technologies
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s Agricultural engineers integrate computers, sensors, and controls with mechanical systems such as automated and robotic systems. Our engineers work with the use of electrical systems and controls for the farmstead, dairy, and related areas. Not only do our engineers design complex electronics and electrical systems, but they must also design these systems to withstand wide temperature swings, and wet, dusty, and corrosive environments.
Increasingly, manufacturers are asking our engineers to develop sensors and other electronics to utilize global positioning technology in site specific or precision farming systems. Our consultants have been retained to develop visual sensing equipment that evaluates fruit and vegetable quality. Producers also retain us to evaluate problems with stray voltage in animal confinement areas.
10. Safety
Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s engineers are familiar with safety standards used to design equipment, and many times are on national committees that develop new standards. Our Safety engineers also may join committees to develop these standards. 
Our engineers are employed to evaluate the safety of machinery before it is manufactured. They also are employed to check worker safety in manufacturing plants, construction companies, and other industries. Government agencies often seek assistance from our engineers when evaluating issues related to safety and safety compliance.
As we frequently provide services in building construction. Luriware (Pty) Ltd’s often serve as expert witnesses in legal cases involving building failure, livestock housing, or manure management. We work as accident investigators, and frequently provide advice for designing and evaluating new products.  Consider retaining our expertise for a construction project when dealing with complex designs or needing technical assistance with permitting issues. You also may want to retain Luriware (Pty) LTD in any instance that deserves an unbiased technical analysis or a reliable, high-quality second opinion..

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